Scientific writing


Condividere strategie per migliorare la qualità dei contenuti delle pubblicazioni scientifiche (cosa scrivere) e la loro redazione (come scrivere): questo l’obiettivo dell’articolo che riportiamo di seguito. ___________________ Background: Disseminating research protocols, processes, methods or findings via peerreviewed publications has substantive merits and benefits to various stakeholders. Purpose: In this article, we share strategies to enhance research publication contents (ie, what to write about) and to facilitate scientific writing (ie, how to write) in health research collaborations. Methods: Empirical experience sharing. Results: To enhance research publication contents, we encourage identifying appropriate opportunities for publications, publishing protocols ahead of results papers, seeking publications related to methodological issues, considering justified secondary analyses, and sharing academic process or experience. To advance writing, we suggest setting up scientific writing as a goal, seeking an appropriate mentorship, making full use of scientific meetings and presentations, taking some necessary formal training in areas such as effective communication…